Conference events are an ideal opportunity to work, rest and play. Malta has it all and KG Events is the key to a successful conference event.

The team at KG Events have lived on the island for generations and know every inch of Malta and what it has to offer. This Mediterranean island, nestled between Sicily and North Africa, enjoys year-round sunshine and clear crystal waters. It is steeped in history and culture, from megaliths and medieval dungeons to historic castles on hills and World War II bunkers.

There is a lot to offer in Malta to please anyone. Try enjoying relaxation by the sea, exploring theatre and the arts or adventure activities such as wreck diving. Or how about sailing, battle re-enactments, boat parties, feasts and fireworks, wine-tasting or traditional folklore dancing? Just imagine it and experience it.

Allow us to help you create a memorable conference event in Malta. Whatever your company event or conference is, whatever its size and whatever its requirements, we can handle anything from accommodation and excursions to team building events in Malta.