Wedding days are always very special. Celebrating the anniversary of one of the happiest days in a couple's lives is an opportunity to cherish memories, love and adoration and KG Events helps make it perfect.

Anniversaries are personal to all family members and friends. It is a time to celebrate the memories of yesteryear and the hopes of tomorrow. KG Events takes particular pride in organising special anniversary events in Malta because we know how cherishable these events are to all concerned.

Every couple is unique and we organise personalised bespoke events to celebrate wedding anniversaries. At KG Events, we listen to gather an understanding of the couple, their personalities and their story. We discover what makes them special so as to create a special event centred around them, their family and their friends. 

Organising the theme, venue, catering, music, photographer, gift ideas, invitations, you name it – KG Events does it for you. You dedicate your time to the joy and the memories.